The Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor has been a part of the Walmart Culture since 2008.  The goal of Dr. Mauro and the associates of the Walmart Vision Center is to put a face and a name to the phrase "Men and Women in Our U.S. Military" from the local community.  They want to show their gratitude for our service men and women with interviews and photos from from the local veterans as well as active troops.
Family members and veterans thenselves have brought photos in to help build the Wall. 
Dr. Mauro has been conducting interviews over the past several years with veterans and WWII civilian survivors to gain insight into what his father experienced as a B-17 bomber pilot stationed in Debach, England from 1944 to 1945.
Melissa Hankins (Walmart Vision Center Manager) interviewed and recorded veterans to produce a video which illustrated their stories. 

Dr Mauro and the associates of the Walmart Vision Center erected the Wall of Honor on Memorial Day Weekend in 2008. The response of the community has been reverent and humbling.  Many community members have told Dr. Mauro and the Vision Center staff members "thank you".  They have expressed how much it means to see their fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters publicly honored.
Dr. Mauro continues to receive photos, and the Wall of Honor is ongoing 365 days a year.